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Specializing in the following creative graphic design services:
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We specialize in creating corporate identity logos, logo design for small businesses, organizations and retail products. Let our creative staff of logo designers help you get the look you want and need to stand out form the competition. We work with you to come up with an image that fits and enhances your business, group or product. If you have an established business that needs some updating or remodeling, we can rework your identity and logo. Your new identity could be accompanied by digital web and print media materials. Final logo will be designed with both the web and print in mind.

>> Logo Design Samples

Web Site Designer
From basic to full shopping cart and database driven websites. HTML and Flash coding. Whatever your needs we can make it happen and fit your budget. For website design examples go to: web site designer

Professional business stationery can do wonders for your corporate image. We can design and print your business cards, letterhead, fax cover sheets and envelopes with your corporate identity. Whether you already have a logo, or we create one for you, we can incorporate it into a professional, complete business stationery package.

Communicate with your clients and customers with a promotional brochure. We design brochures in any size and shape, suitable for mailing, displaying, or distributing at trade shows.

Get attention and new business with an eye-catching direct mail piece. We design postcards, posters and fliers that will get you noticed in the pile of daily mail. When your sales targets are especially well defined, direct mail offers one of the most effective means for prospecting, qualifying and selling. We can help you select and refine your targets, obtain lists, and produce mailing campaigns that get results.

Showcase your wares to customers with a complete catalog. We design catalogs of any size, with full color, spot colors or black & white - whichever best suits your needs and budget.

When a brochure isn't enough, why not try a full-scale media kit? We can create a custom two-pocket folder with a slot for business cards, plus full-color slicks with your corporate information. Toss in your catalog, brochure, press release, business plan and cover letter on corporate stationery, and you have a complete information packet to send to customers, distribute at trade shows, or send to the media.

Thinking of launching a print advertising campaign in a magazine or newspaper? We can design it! Diversity Design Studio can create your ad for any format, and supply either the electronic files or separated films to send directly to the publisher.

Flash animation is a technology that brings moving graphics and sound to the web that can enhance the viewers experience. Flash especially works well in delivering interactive content to web even for 56k modem viewers. If you need interactive advertising or banners that are a step above the rest we deliver "form and function."

Diversity Design Studio has ten years experience in creating retail labels for products. We are versed in legal requirements for UPC codes, Nutritional information and more. Let us design a label that gets your product noticed.

Using Digital Video Capture we can make presentations and web pages come alive! Video and Animation is compressed and saved into formats that can be used for web, CD, DVD, home and multimedia.

There are no limits to the kind of projects we work on: logos, tradeshow booths, flyers, sales materials, advertising, marketing, brochures, menus, packaging, labels, decals, promotionals, signs, postcards, direct mail, websites, multimedia, CD's, book covers, posters, annual reports, transparencies, invitations, t-shirts and more.

QR barcode Reader and upc creation and applications

What is a QR barcode? Click here for more info

Ready to start using QR codes? Call us we can help you create both the code and web page design that it is linked to.

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[ What is Graphic Design? ]

Graphic design is the harmonious blending (and/or separation) of elements which become a form of communication/art.

Elements involved can be any and all of the following:
text, shape, color, images, sound and feeling. Anytime you are communicating through the six senses graphic design is (or should be) present.

"Seeing is Believing"
communicate to your potential and existing customers through professional graphic design.